【LEGO快訊】一地玻璃碎 LEGO.com 踢走中國用戶

強國成日話自己民主大國,又話法治好好,原來有時都會作法自斃!話說 LEGO.com 最近出左份公告比各大 LEGO 官方認可用戶組職 Recognized LEGO User Groups (RLUGs),而我地得到Hong Kong Brick Rail 樂驛地嘅資訊,內容提到話遵照大陸法律, LEGO.com 會喺 10 月 4 號開始將所有登記國籍為「China」嘅用戶全部刪除!


It has been brought to our attention that LEGO ID is no longer legally compliant with Chinese Law. Unfortunately this means that as of October 4th, all Chinese LEGO IDs will be deleted. We know this is very short notice, and we are looking into a solution for use of the LAN that is in compliant with Chinese law – but we cannot guarantee access to the LAN if your country of residence in LEGO ID is set to China.
If you’ve created a LEGO ID while living in China but is now living abroad, please change country to the correct country of residency (in general we encourage everyone to keep country info updated). Please share this information with your community members who might be impacted.
How do I change my country of residency?
  1. Go to LEGO.com (you cannot do this from LAN but have to go to //LEGO.com)
  2. On LEGO.com click “account”. It’s located in upper right corner by the yellow LEGO Minifigure head.
  3. In the prompt – click the blue, underlined link “Edit LEGO® ID”.
  4. On this page choose “My information” in the menu.
  5. Now, in the drop down under “Country and region”, pick your country and region.
  6. Remember to click save and your account should be updated.
Why I haven’t heard about this sooner?
Information should have been sent out via email to the impacted LEGO ID accounts, however, we’ve heard there have been some issues with this as well. Please contact consumer services if you have not received this information and have questions or comments.
I received the information letter that my account is being closed but I live in outside of China – what should I do?
Please go to your LEGO ID account and check your region, if your country is set to China you have to change it to your current country of residency. If your country setting is correct and it’s not set to China, but you’ve not received the letter, please contact Consumer services.
Will I lose my VIP points if my account is removed?
Please contact Consumer Services for information about VIP.
If I change my country to one not in China, and my account still gets deleted?
This should not happen but if it does please contact Consumer Services.

而大家去到 LEGO.com 登記新用戶都唔會再見到「China」呢個選項,不過香港、澳門同台灣都仲喺度!




大國用戶嘗試登入亦發現個賬戶已經被撤回,不過大國網民暫時都未有任何抵制、杯葛等相關行動(你睇返 iPhone 11又超額訂購就知大陸人幾愛國啦)而 LEGO.com 呢個舉動係同中美貿易戰有關?定係中國大陸想自己開個獨立嘅 LEGO 官方資訊購物平台?之後會有咩相應解決方法就要睇睇事情點發展落去啦!

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